An exceptional patio door scores high in the areas of durability, efficiency, and maintenance. Beauty matters, but performance carries more weight than aesthetics down the road.

Exceptional Patio Doors

In today’s post, Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York shares the three best qualities to look for when buying patio doors in Rochester, NY:

Tough Frame

Your patio doors, being exterior features, are exposed to the elements night and day. Rain, snow, and UV radiation would wreak havoc with them, compromising their structural integrity sooner than you realize.

Our custom-built patio doors are designed to withstand the rigors of our local climate. Made of solid wood panels, our products are as tough as nails. For instance, the protective urethane base finish of our hinged French doors in Pittsford, NY, lends them remarkable weather resistance.

Plus, the 10-year warranty of our door finishes is proof that they’d grow old without aging.

Weathertight Seal

Like windows, your patio doors must be airtight to prevent leaks and wasting energy. Apart from robust construction and customization, a reliable security lock system is key to maintaining your desirable indoor climate. Not only does it keep intruders out but unwanted drafts as well.

Both models of our sliding glass doors in Rochester, NY, come with the unique Andersen reach-out lock system for maximum security and weathertightness. It pulls the door panel snugly into the jamb, which minimizes air infiltration and leakage.

Low-Maintenance Exterior

Patio doors that never need painting are always a worthwhile investment. Apart from the stress that comes with regular repainting, getting rid of this disruptive task helps lower the life-cycle costs of the product. You save money in the long run.

Our patio doors only need basic cleaning to maintain their lovely appearance. Their interior and exterior colors stay rich and inviting for many years without developing any form of cosmetic imperfection.

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