Windows are an essential part of every building or structure, especially your house. When considering replacing your windows, it is important to choose windows both for aesthetics and functionality. If your windows in Rochester, NY are not working properly, difficult to close or open, or are proving to be very troublesome due to faulty frames, it’s time to replace them. Replacement windows made with Fibrex are a great value.
What Exactly is Fibrex?
Fibrex is a very durable material that is made of composite wood fiber (40%) and reclaimed thermoplastic polymer (60%). This product by Renewal by Andersen has revolutionized the industry helping homeowners shopping for window replacement in Rochester, NY, Buffalo and the surrounding area. Fibrex combines stability, strength, and appeal into a virtually maintenance-free material used for window frames and sashes.
What Makes Fibrex Unique?
There are several features that make Fibrex stand out from others—durability, cost-efficiency, appeal, etc.—but these three features make it very unique:

• Versatility
As homeowners become more creative these days, we see a lot of unconventional windows of every shape, size, and design. If your windows belong to this category, then Fibrex is the simplest answer to your problem. It is made to custom-fit specialty windows. To make it even better, Fibrex is stiff enough to be made narrower and allow for more glass so that you can get better views and lighting.

• Highly Efficient
This material can withstand temperatures as high as 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Unlike other materials such as vinyl, Fibrex will not easily break down from the extreme heat of the sun, making it last for as long as possible.

Additionally, it is 100% resistant to rotting and termite infestation. This makes it a better option over wood because, unlike wood, Fibrex is non-porous. It does not absorb water and encourage the growth of mold or other types of fungi. Basically, it does not crumble and fall apart.

• Eco-friendly
As people make their move toward a more eco-friendly living, Fibrex is definitely a great option to consider. Renewal by Andersen, with its strong commitment to the protection of the environment, uses reclaimed wood in the manufacturing of Fibrex. This saves a lot of trees from being cut down for raw pulp, which also eliminates long distance shipping costs and makes the product more cost-efficient.

Fibrex is definitely a huge revolutionary leap in the replacement windows industry across the globe. If you are ready to experience these unique features and enjoy the numerous benefits of Fibrex, Renewal by Andersen is just a call away.