Small changes can have a big impact. Consider the power of a fresh coat of paint or new throw pillows or curtains. You add a touch of color here or a new print there and wow! It looks like a completely different space. If simple touches like these can freshen the look of a room so dramatically, imagine what new windows from Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York could do for your home décor. 

New windows can transform the look of your home and also provide valuable energy savings. So how can you choose frames and finishes that will complement your home décor to make it look its best? 

Choosing the Right Window Casings 

Casings are the moldings that go around your window frame. Exterior casings block cold air from getting inside while the casings on the interior of your house are designed with visual appeal as the priority. 

Generally most homeowners choose casings that match the baseboards and door moldings of a room, making new windows an important part of any home renovation.

The are five common types of casings, starting with complete casings, which surround all four sides of your windows and can be either one simple layer of molding or multiple layers made up of stacked moldings that trim out the windows and add an additional design element to your home. 

Low profile casings are more utilitarian than decorative, lying flat against the siding of your house or interior walls, and typically coming in at the lower price point.

High profile casings offer the greatest number of design options. You can choose to surround the entire window or sit as a pediment above it, and these casings usually are offered in plastic or composite materials as well which are ready-made and offer the look of layered moldings without the carpentry skills usually required.

Highly affordable, modern casings offer minimalist design and clean lines. Ideal for more contemporary homes, they often match the color of the wood or material of the window. The goal is to blend in and allow the glass to be the focal point.

Simple and classic, traditional casings are similar to low-profile casings in that they are well-suited to older homes and lay flat against the exterior and interior walls. They can be made of single layer wood or composite and typically feature simple design. 

Color: From Classic to Contemporary

Most people choose white windows by rote, and for good reason: they offer a beautiful, classic look that blends well with any home decor design. However, many homeowners striving for a contemporary feel are considering black windows for their home remodel. Although black windows are considered a trend, they aren’t new. Inspired by 19th century commercial architecture, many designers use them to make a bold design statement and create a distinctive, high end look. Just like white windows, black casings are available in a number of materials, and can support energy efficient windows of all varieties. 

To update your design and make the most of your home’s décor, it’s important to find the right casing and color for your new windows. Know the style of your home – is it Victorian? Craftsman? Cape Cod? and match the style of your new windows to the style of your home. You will also want windows that are energy efficient, easy to operate, and low-maintenance (easy to clean, paint and repair.) 

The experts at Renewal by Andersen can help you customize your windows to complement your home décor. Call us today at 585-294-4640 and speak to one of our design experts to find out how new windows can make your home more stylish and more energy efficient this year.