Creating a smooth transition from your indoors to your outdoors makes your home seem more spacious and light-filled. Large windows and doors play a vital role in forging that strong connection between your interior and exterior areas, but smart design planning is what pulls it all together.

Window Design

At Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York, we want to share a couple of home design tips with you to make your patio and other outdoor spaces truly feel like an extension of the inside. By installing full-height windows and French patio doors in Rochester, NY, you can easily bring these clever ideas to life:
Have the Same Indoor and Outdoor Flooring
While the size of your door matters, you should also pay attention to the material of your flooring. Many homeowners prefer to give their indoor and outdoor floors different looks, but that actually disrupts the otherwise seamless flow.
Apart from having wide, hinged French doors in Pittsford, NY, make sure to also give your indoor and outdoor flooring a uniform design to achieve that uninterrupted transition from the inside to the outside.
Use Around-the-Corner Windows
Sacrifice one corner of your home and replace it with windows to create the illusion that your backyard is part of your indoors. Instead of having broken glimpses of your outdoor scenery, use corner windows to give you a panoramic view of the greenery around your home.
Add a View to Your Upstairs Desk
Regardless of where you live, the sight from above is always a marvel to behold. If you have a desk in your upper floor, turn its adjacent wall into a window to give yourself a grand vista of your surrounding environment. A window from the desk level all the way to the ceiling would suffice to give you plenty of daylighting and maximum views. Designing your replacement windows and sliding glass doors in Rochester, NY, could magically make your indoor and outdoor spaces an extension of one another.
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