When it comes to window replacement, you can go for stock or custom-built fixtures. While it sounds convenient to choose pre-built products, there are plenty of reasons you should customize your new windows instead.

Custom-Built Windows

At Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York, we choose to custom-build replacement windows in Buffalo, NY, because that’s how replacement windows should be made and installed. We can think of more than a dozen reasons that stock products are less advantageous for your window project, but let’s focus on the benefits of customized windows.

Customized Fit

First and foremost, customized replacement windows are easier to install because they’re tailored to fit your existing openings. Our experienced consultants will come to your home and take accurate measurements of the present holes on your wall, ensuring your new windows are installed in just one visit. You can save on labor and spare yourself from unnecessarily creating or widening new openings.

In addition, the faster we can finish your window replacement in Buffalo, NY, the sooner you can get back to your everyday routine. Any home improvement project can cause a certain amount of disruption to your regular activities, so it’s in your best interests to render the remodel less complex.

Optimal Performance Guaranteed

Customizing your windows not only gives you the opportunity to design them your way and get the functionality you desire, but it also ensures your new fixtures would effectively serve their purpose.

The high level of craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing custom-built windows is undeniable. Customized sliding, bay, and casement windows in Buffalo, NY, can deliver better energy performance because their specifications are based on the exact requirements of your home.

Absolute Peace of Mind

Custom-built replacement windows require no trimming, patching, or filling. You need not to worry about having gaps and buying additional components just to ensure that your new fixtures aren’t subject to air and water infiltration down the road.

Window customization is the only way to have new fixtures specially designed to your home. The fact that your windows are made for you significantly minimizes their chances of failure. And with the exceptional skills of our installers, you can bet that you will get exactly what you pay for.

Let’s talk about the design of your customized replacement windows. Call Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York now at (716) 235-2200 and schedule your in-home consultation.