Whether they’re bay windows or another window type, windows are an integral part of any home. So, with that in mind, it’s only natural you’d want to keep them clean as much as possible. There are various solutions you can use, but there are three tools to wipe them down: squeegees, microfiber cloths and newspapers.

In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York discusses these three window cleaning tools and which works best.


Using newspapers to clean your windows is something that’s been done for a long time. Unfortunately, when printing presses used oil-based inks, newspapers often left stains on windows. It wasn’t until the switch to soy-based ink that was this rectified. This made newspapers one of the best window cleaning options since it’s a cleaner alternative.

The advantages of using newspapers include that they can be used on any types of windows – even on your car windows – and leave no stains. The con of using newspapers, on the other hand, is that they absorb more liquid so you need to use more solution.


Squeegees are another classic window cleaning tool, but you should tilt the window you’re cleaning to prevent drips. It’s the fastest way to clean your windows without leaving streaks. If done right, a squeegee can clean the entire window even at a distance. You can even install a pole on the squeegee in the event that the window you need to clean is either too tall or too high up for you to reach.

The advantages that come with squeegees is that they’re a very effective way of removing dirt. Their rubber can easily be worn out, however, and the soapy water can easily dry in sunlight, which gives rise to water spots.

Microfiber Cloth

When using microfiber cloths, avoid fabric softener to prevent absorbency reduction. These cloths provide for very deep cleanings. Microfiber cloths also require less cleaning solution, and you can even use it again to prevent waste. Try not to use it on another surface, however, as this may contaminate the cloth.

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