Your home won’t be complete without windows. After all, this home component provides comfort and light to your interiors. Windows also create a smooth connection between the inside of your home to the vast outdoors.

Windows with a scenic outdoor view can bring many benefits to your home. Several studies have proved that such views can improve productivity in the workplace and in homes. Windows in Buffalo, NY can also reduce stress and consequently improve one’s overall health.
If you want to add windows to your home to get these benefits, Renewal by Andersen® of Western NY offers these tips:
1. Window styles with larger glass area such as picture windows can offer wider views without distortion.
2. Place windows near areas with attractive scenes, such as a landscaped garden or backyard.
3. For a sense of openness and greater connection, you can install sliding windows. These have larger glass area compared to other operable windows such as casement and double hung.
4. Don’t forget about maintaining privacy. Consider where your windows are facing and how you want your neighbors to see the inside of your home. You can also use window treatments for added security.
5. If you want to keep a higher sense of privacy, place small windows high on a wall so people from the outside cannot properly see the inside of your home.
6. You should place your windows at proper eye level with you or other family members.
7. You can also install windows near the front door to see who’s coming or facing the front yard where children mostly play.
If you want to improve your outdoor views today, Renewal by Andersen of Western NY can help. Our casement windows in Buffalo, among other designs, have large glass area because we use durable Fibrex® to create narrower sashes. You also don’t have to worry about rising energy bills due to the glass, as our windows come in several energy-efficient glass packages.
When you work with Renewal by Andersen, you can be sure you’ll be getting quality products, superior installation, and peace of mind. If you want to learn more about our services, schedule a free consultation today. You can call us at (716) 235-2200 or through our contact form.