When it comes to patio doors, you can’t buy replacement doors without thinking about their full range of utility. Otherwise, you’re going to miss the opportunity to elevate your home’s livability in all areas.

Buying Patio Doors

Exterior door systems have long ceased to be just transitional pieces bridging the indoors and the outdoors. Apart from aesthetics, Renewal by Andersen® of Western NY advises you to consider these key factors:


Like windows, patio doors are a bastion of home security. They must be robust and equipped with advanced locks to beat the efforts of the most determined intruders at forced entry.

All our exterior door systems are sturdy to the core. Our hinged type comes with a multi-point locking mechanism, while our sliding ones have a reach-out lock that tightly pulls the panel into the jamb. Rolling thick glass, strong frame, and uncompromising locks, our custom units are impregnable.

Weather Resistance

Covering your home’s largest wall aperture, your patio doors are responsible for preventing outdoor elements from messing up your indoor climate.

At Renewal by Andersen of Western NY, we design products with maximum weathertightness in mind. For instance, our sliding glass doors purposefully interlock on closing to keep air, water, and dust intrusion to a minimum.


An exterior door replacement isn’t something you should do ever again. Your chosen product take the rigors of nature and extreme temperature swings to stand the test of time.

Our products can do exactly that. Our doors are made of laminated veneer lumber encased in a waterproof finish. In other words, our patio doors can retain their rigidity and stability to last a lifetime without taxing maintenance.

Energy Efficiency/Noise Abatement

Cheap exterior door units with poor energy performance is a waste of money. They offer little resistance to excessive heat gain and fail to reduce thermal transfer, especially during the coldest months. The consequence: high utility bills and discomfort.

To make your home more energy-efficient and sustainable, invest in our high-performance products. We offer advanced glass solutions to reflect the sun’s unwanted rays and keep your indoor climate under control. Plus, the thickness and weathertightness of our hinged French doors can block most outdoor noise.

Daylighting/Outdoor View

Energy-efficient patio doors let nearly as much sunshine as products with clear glass. They can make your rooms feel large with adequate illumination. The profusion of natural light is good for your physical and psychological health too. In addition, because the multi-layer Low-E coating of our glass is virtually unnoticeable, our patio doors can capture vibrant views of your backyard’s panoramas.

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