It’s all too easy for new windows to fail when exposed to heat and cold, leading to considerable energy loss in your home. When looking for replacement windows, make sure to choose ones that can handle changes in extreme weather and temperature.


In this article, your experts for window and door replacement, Renewal by Andersen of Western NY, discuss thermal expansion in windows and a lasting solution to it.

What is Thermal Expansion?

Your windows in Rochester, NY can change in volume due to extreme temperature, allowing it to expand in heat and contract in cold. This stress on the material results in cracks to frames and glass panels while breaking window seals and creating gaps.

Air infiltration and leakage will follow, leading to drafts and moisture damage in colder months. In addition, mold and mildew can form inside your walls—a considerable health risk. The amount of energy your home will lose because of this will eventually lead to increased heating and cooling bills.

Choosing Renewal by Andersen Windows

You can prevent this, however, if you invest in Andersen windows that can perform excellently in any season. Renewal by Andersen® of Western NY, your premier window company in Orchard Park, NY offers a wide selection of window styles that can combat the effects of thermal expansion. With our exclusive Fibrex® composite material for our frames, we’ll keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient in any season.

Fibrex combines the strength and durability of wood with the low maintenance features of vinyl. Like wood, it expands and contracts very little, allowing it to endure in the harshest weather. You won’t have to worry about thermal stress damaging your windows. It doesn’t pit, crack, or corrode, as well, ensuring lasting durability and performance for your home. In addition, Fibrex creates a strong, airtight seal that prevents costly energy from escaping your interiors.

Maintaining your home’s pleasant indoor temperature and lowering your energy costs is easy when you choose Renewal by Andersen® of Western NY. Fill out our form here for a free consultation.