Windows are good sources of daylight, which, according to several scientific studies, can improve productivity and health. If your home receives the right amount of daylight, you can also have more savings in terms of energy bills because you won’t be relying too much on artificial lighting fixtures.

For your next window installation in Buffalo, NY, consider the following design tips to achieve maximum yet balanced daylighting:
• Keep the principle of reflectivity in mind. Light passes through your window and bounces off furniture and walls, which means that light spreads across the room.
• Install windows opposite each other to avoid glare.
• North-facing windows allow the most natural light.
• Avoid stuffy and dark rooms by installing large picture or bay windows in Buffalo, NY.
• Don’t forget to consider the function of your room. For example, if you are placing new windows in your study, make sure that the light will not cause glare on computer or laptop screens.
• If you have east- and/or west-facing windows, you can use window treatments to control lighting.
• Interior design is also a factor when it comes to balanced daylighting. You can use reflective surfaces to distribute light evenly throughout the room.
• You can avoid glare by using window treatments or screens. Glazed windows such as those from Renewal by Andersen® of Western NY are also ideal options because they keep unwanted heat away.
Renewal by Andersen of Western NY can ensure you get the right amount of daylight without compromising comfort, beauty, and energy efficiency. We use different glass packages for our windows that offer benefits in terms of heating, cooling, visible light transfer, and ultraviolet ray protection. This means that our windows can maintain a comfortable indoor temperature during any season. We also offer different styles, finishes, hardware options, and grille patterns for added curb appeal.
When you get your windows from us, you can ensure years of peace of mind with our industry-leading warranties. We cover 20-year coverage for glass; 2 years for installation; and 10 years for frames and sashes.
If you want to learn more about our windows and other daylighting tips, schedule a consultation today. You can call us at (716) 235-2200.