If you’ve been looking around for replacement windows or new patio doors, your top consideration should be the glass, which comes in single-, double-, even triple-pane varieties. But does more panes mean higher energy efficiency?

Single-Pane Glass

Traditional single-pane glass has been around since windows were invented and remains in use in countries where the climate is more or less consistent throughout the year. Glass is naturally conductive, which means it’s unsuitable for climates with temperature extremes. During summer, it allows heat through the glass regardless of how sealed the windows are. In summer, it will allow heat to escape the indoor space, resulting in drafty windows. Both result in increased output from the heating and cooling systems just to make up for the temperature difference.

Double-Pane Glass

Double-pane glass is made up of two panes separated by an insulated spacer. The sealed airspace between these panels significantly reduce conduction between indoor and outdoor surfaces. Upgrading to double-pane replacement windows can cut down your cooling bills by as much as 25%. The airspace can be filled with dense gases, such as argon or krypton to further improve conduction. Using the same type of glass on sliding glass doors complements the attic and exterior wall insulation, helping create an energy-efficient home. Double-pane glass has proven to be so effective that all Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows are equipped with it.

Triple-Pane Glass

Upgrading from a single to a double-pane window results in dramatic change in energy efficiency. Many people seem to think that by adding a third pane, it would double the window’s insulation. But sadly, this is not the case. While there is some improvement in insulation, it’s nowhere near double and is certainly not worth the 25% to 30% additional cost for the third pane. This is why Renewal by Andersen only offers double-pane High Performance™ Low-E4® glass. Combined with our Fibrex® material frames, exceptional craftsmanship and precise installation methods, our replacement windows provide better performance than what any triple-pane window can offer.

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