As long as the sun is shining, UV light is something we’ll always have to contend with. Few people realize it, but you can save money if you’re conscientious about UV light’s effects on items such as furniture. Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York has a range of window glass options that will help protect hour home’s interior. Untitled

The Effects of UV Light

Any great window company in Orchard Park, NY, will tell you that sunlight itself isn’t bad, it’s just that it can act as a natural bleaching agent. The specific effects are very varied among different materials, but there is one common negative result: fading. Whether it’s your leather couch, wooden flooring, or even that painting you really love—if you keep it exposed to sunlight, it’s going to lose luster and color over time.

The Glass Options

When it comes to our windows, we place a premium on the materials we use. That even applies to the glass that form our panes. With regard to the need for protection from UV light, we have two great options for you to choose from, which provide varying degrees of protection:

  • High-Performance™ Low-E4® Glass: This is the standard that we have on all our windows. We consider it the basic option, yet it’s capable of blocking 85% of UV rays that come in.
  • High-Performance Low-E4 SmartSun™ Glass: The upgraded version for even better UV protection, this goes up to 95% and is the model that offers the most energy efficiency. It actually features tint coating that lowers the UV light that streams in from the outside.

Whichever you choose, you can even get these great windows in Rochester, NY, in a range of beautiful pattern options:

  1. Obscure
  2. Reed
  3. Cascade
  4. Fern

So not only do they protect your stuff from harmful UV, they also contribute to the curb appeal as well.

At Renewal by Andersen of Western New York, we offer the best window options that add value to your home and help make your life a little easier. Combining our selection of glass panes with a range of styles, you’re spoilt for choice. Give us a call today and we’ll give you a free estimate.