Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York provides Rochester and Buffalo homeowners with not simply fantastic replacement windows…but also cutting edge technology that make a replacement window investment a very cost effective home improvement project.
HeatLock™ Glass technology is the most energy-efficient glass we offer. This new glazing system was specifically designed to meet the more stringent ENERGY STAR® requirements for windows and in particular for homes in cold, northern climates. With this new glass offering, you get near triple-pane performance in a dual-pane window!
Why Use HeatLock™ Glass for Your Replacement Windows?
ENERGY STAR requirements for windows and doors took effect on January 1, 2015, with updated requirements for Northern states going into effect on January 1, 2016. As ENERGY STAR requirements increase, Renewal by Andersen is working hard to develop products that are more energy-efficient.
In northern climates, not all high-performance glazing systems can perform at the stricter 2016 levels. However, Renewal by Andersen’s SmartSun with HeatLock will meet and exceed compliance in all areas.
HeatLock Glass from Renewal by AndersenHow HeatLock™ Works with our Replacement Windows
The HeatLock® coating can be applied to the room-side glass surface of our windows.  The coating helps reflect escaping heat back into the room, resulting in improved insulation and better U-Factors.
While other glazing systems are designed to reflect heat off windows in warm climates, High Performance SmartSun Low-E4® HeatLock Glass is also engineered to keep heat inside the home. The advanced Low-E coating is applied to the room-side surface of the glass unit, in addition to the soft coat Low-E coating (a.k.a. SmartSun™) on the exterior surface of the glass unit. This additional room-side energy barrier is highly durable and reflects heat back into the interior, increasing insulating properties during colder times of the year.
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