Daylighting, or illuminating homes and buildings with natural light, is favored by property owners for its energy-saving benefits. Strategically positioned windows greatly reduce the need for daytime electrical lighting. Daylighting also has various health benefits. Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York explains them further.

How Daylighting and Replacement Windows Affect Your Health

Health Benefits of Daylighting

There are numerous studies related to daylighting benefits, with the general consensus that it has direct health benefits. Roger Urich did a study about daylighting and published “View Through a Window May Influence Recovery from Surgery” in the 1984 issue of Science magazine. He reported that one set of recovering surgery patients were placed in rooms that only had brick walls for a view. Another set was placed in rooms that had daylight and trees right outside the window. The latter set recovered 8.5% faster than the other set and required less analgesics.

Other studies also reported that maximized daylighting due to window replacement can help regulate human body clocks. Lack of exposure to 24-hour light-dark cycles can lead to body clock disruption, which then leads to chronic sleep debt. The results of a 2006 study conducted by the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia showed that nightshift workers have disrupted sleep cycles that resulted in suppressed melatonin production.

Another study, commissioned by the Pacific Gas and Electric Company in 1999, reported a high correlation between improved test scores and students studying in classrooms with increased natural light.

Maximizing Daylight

Maximizing natural light in your home involves proper window placement and choosing the right window styles. Keep in mind that some styles let in more daylight than others do. Windows facing east-to-west will provide the most light and are ideal units to be optimized for daylighting.

Window styles with slim profiles and large glass areas are best, such as picture, sliding, bay, bow, and casement windows. With Renewal by Andersen replacement windows, you don’t have to worry about your home heating up with increased sunlight. Our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass options have special coatings that block solar heat while letting visible light through just like clear glass. If you’re worried about the room getting too bright, you can choose our High-Performance Low-E4 Sun® glass option.

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