At Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York, one of our claims to fame is Fibrex®. It’s our exclusive framing material, which has earned us over 30 patents. Durable, energy-saving, and environmentally smart, Fibrex bests all of its counterparts in all areas.

Window Materials

As you search for a healthy balance among beauty, efficiency, longevity, affordability, and maintenance, our composite is the ultimate choice for windows in Rochester, NY. Here’s how Fibrex stacks up against other popular window materials:

vs. Wood

Fibrex comprises 40% wood fiber and 60% proprietary polymer by weight. This is why it features the superior strength of real wood minus its demanding maintenance requirements.

During extrusion, we fuse the colors into our composite material, allowing the finish not to develop structural and cosmetic flaws that normally plague wood. No matter how harsh the elements may be, Fibrex never needs painting or staining to keep its life-cycle costs to a minimum.

vs. Vinyl

It’s scientifically proven that Fibrex is twice stronger than vinyl. Having the unyielding stability and rigidity of genuine wood, our patented material doesn’t expand or contract that much with extreme changes in temperature. As a result, it can retain its weathertight seal without compromise.

Unlike vinyl’s vulnerability to UV rays, Fibrex doesn’t discolor over time. In fact, we provide a 10-year warranty for its finish.

vs. Aluminum

Our composite material is the smart choice for your window replacement in Rochester, NY. Compared with aluminum, Fibrex insulates about 700 times better. Its exceptional ability to block heat transfer means you can achieve your desired indoor climate faster with less energy all year round. Thanks to its remarkable efficiency, you can see noticeable savings in your utility bills month after month.

vs. Steel

Steel windows are susceptible to rust and corrosion. They also conduct energy a lot, putting less of a fight to combat heat loss. Moreover, these units give little resistance to moisture condensation, causing them to sweat and fog on the inside.

With Fibrex, you wouldn’t experience these concerns. We guarantee it not to flake, blister, pit, peel, crack, rot, rust, or corrode for 10 years from its original installation date. As a natural insulator, Fibrex ensures your indoor heat stays inside to improve your level of comfort.

vs. Fiberglass

Any truthful window company in Orchard Park, NY, would attest that the price of fiberglass is unreasonably high. It may share Fibrex’s efficiency and durability, but it’s hard to swallow its disadvantages.

First, fiberglass doesn’t offer the realistic look and feel of wood, which is problematic when updating a vintage home. Second, it’s perhaps the least popular material on the market; its lead time is lengthy, causing your project to complete for weeks.

Last, its colors fade quickly, especially the darker ones; before you know it, you’d have to repaint your windows and spend dollars again. As opposed to fiberglass, Fibrex comes in three stainable, real interior wood options. It’s proof against solar damage and available in stunning and long-lasting dark shades.

As its own manufacturer, Renewal by Andersen of Western New York can custom-build your replacement units in no time and perform the installation on schedule. No matter how you slice it, Fibrex offers the best value for your money. Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation, and we’ll bring a sample to let you see this engineering marvel with your own eyes.