Aesthetically speaking, the trim is an extension of your windows and doors. Therefore, trim color is just as important as your windows themselves. The appropriate hue can transform the look and feel of your rooms.

Interior Trim

Use Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York’s smart tips to color your interior trim like a veteran home designer:

1. Match the Wall

Using the same paint as your walls for your trim would create a soothing effect. The seamless look may not accentuate your windows, doors, and trim, but it’s a safe way to avoid having a jarring interior color palette. Besides, you’re just mimicking the color. You can lend the trim a slight contrast using a different finish.

When your wall color leans on the bright side, choosing a darker variety of a similar hue would subtly highlight your windows in Buffalo, NY. The juxtaposition would be pleasing to the eye.

2. Play Safe with White

To define your glass fixtures but are afraid of gambling with less popular color choices, you can’t go wrong with bright white. Most homeowners consider it a default trim treatment but don’t use it unless intentional.

We’d only recommend if you choose our white interior option for your hinged French door and casement windows in Buffalo, NY. Or, if you pick our canvas option and decide to color your walls with the same neutral, then your trim would look fresh with bright white.

3. Choose Black

Painting your interior trim black is best when your ceiling is high. It draws the eye to lay emphasis on your room’s height. Black can energize your space, lending some pop to your interior. With its ability to define shapes, black trim can create a sense of geometry and add more interest to your otherwise bland space.

Plus, dark tones are excellent in concealing architectural imperfections. If your interior trim has some scuff marks, painting it black would save you the need for a new one without revealing such cosmetic flaws.

4. Pick Wood

Wood, natural or faux, would always add warmth to your space. It introduces nature to your interior design, enhancing the beauty of traditional and contemporary spaces. Its earthiness is comforting, making your space feel snug.

At Renewal by Andersen of Western New York, we offer three genuine wood interior choices for our windows: pine, oak, and maple. But whether or not your trim would match any of our stainable options, two or three different species of wood would get along just fine. In fact, the nuances of your woodwork could add architectural flair to your space.

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