Replacing your windows is one of the easiest home improvement you could tackle. Still, with poor preparation, its level of stress could feel like you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom.

Window Replacement

The trusted name in window installation in Buffalo, NY, Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York, shares tips to make it as stress-free as possible:

Ready Yourself for the Disruption

Do everything to maintain your daily routine. It would help create a sense of normalcy and keep your children happy throughout the project. Kids hate change and they rely on familiarity and breaking any form of everyday structure might cause them a bit of anxiety.

For example, have your breakfast on the same hour. Provide your children the space they need to do the activities they’re used to doing at a certain time.

Clear the Work Areas and Pathways

To remove and install double hung windows in Buffalo, NY, we’d need the areas clutter-free to carry out the job safely and efficiently. If you can de-clutter the outdoor and indoor work areas to ensure they’re not cramped, that would save us plenty of time.

Nevertheless, we don’t encourage you to relocate your furniture or other hefty items yourself. A key part of our process is to construction-proof your home. We’ll move any obstruction to clear access to the windows and lay down drop cloths to protect your valuables.

Expect Possible Setbacks

Unforeseen structural challenges due to house settling are typical in any remodel. Some forms of damage to the wood frame aren’t visible until the removal of your old windows. We must make sure your wall openings are in good shape before we can continue the installation. While they may be unforeseen, they don’t necessarily need to be surprising. Set your expectations realistically and be prepared for unpleasant surprises.

In case of structural problems, our Certified Master Installers will be ready to deal with them properly. Our team is trained to handle all structural issues and has a complete set of tools to fix whatever needs fixing.

At Renewal by Andersen of Western New York, the installation of your bay windows in Buffalo, NY, will be smooth sailing from start to finish. Call us today at (716) 235-2200 to schedule your FREE in-home consultation.