We have holidays devoted to everything from vegetables (Cabbage Day) to consumption (Black Friday). On April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day. This occasion began in 1970 and has since grown into a worldwide event celebrated by over 190 countries. Dedicating one special day to help Mother Earth is a great way to show that we care about the planet’s future.


How You Can Help

As a homeowner, you can participate in the celebration by consciously opting for environmentally sound home furniture and fixtures. These include essential parts of your home, like doors and windows. For New Yorkers, Renewal by Andersen® is the name you can trust to guarantee window replacement in Buffalo, NY, that can boost your home’s durability while simultaneously protecting the environment.

You can conserve energy by choosing our windows. As a dedicated steward of the environment, Renewal by Andersen offers environmental sustainability through its products and their eco-friendly benefits.

Green Home Living

Door and casement windows in Buffalo, NY, manufactured by us lessen energy usage through their heat retentive design. They will keep exterior temperatures from penetrating the inside of your home while retaining your interior temperatures. This not only reduces power bills by up to 25%, but also results in an overall smart home investment.

Reclaimed Materials

Our windows in Buffalo, NY, are crafted from Fibrex® material frames combined with High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass. The Fibrex® frames feature about 40% reclaimed wood fiber. This formula delivers the durability of wood and the hassle-free maintenance of vinyl. The High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass uses over 12% of reclaimed glass. Every single pane contains a superior coating to reduce water spots by as much as 99% when triggered by sunlight. Also, the Low-E4® glass obstructs unsafe UV rays and decreases sound penetration for more comfortable home living.

Helping to preserve Mother Earth is a collective effort. When you go for a Renewal by Andersen window, you do your part to make the planet a better place to live in.  Give us a call at (585) 481-8006 or (716) 235-2200 so we can help you do your part for the planet.