Corner windows are always a welcome addition to any space. With the right design, they can bring more function and beauty to the rooms they serve.

To maximize the use of your corner windows in refreshing ways, Renewal by Andersen® of Western NY shares some great window replacement inspirations to consider:

Corner Kitchen Backsplashes

A neat solution to prolonged daylighting in the kitchen is corner window backsplashes. Compared to the usual solid wall, the abundant use of glass would turn this often underutilized area into a generous source of light. They help open up your space too, making your kitchen seem larger.

For ventilation opportunities, we recommend one or two casement windows. An operating unit by the sink could let in fresh drafts while doing the dishes.

Wrap-around Clerestories

The interesting interplay between two narrow clerestories gives your boring corners a sense of style. If your walls are short, they could be low enough to offer instant views of the outside while keeping your level of privacy high. Plus, they provide a decent amount of sunshine to naturally keep illumination a constant presence indoors.

Quasi-Transparent Bath Corner

Wrapping the corner of your bathroom from the wall’s mid-portion to the ceiling with glass will produce an illusion that you’re bathing outside. The pair of oversized windows will capture a panoramic piece of your landscape, making a personal oasis.

One Big, Box Bay Window for the Dining Area

When you want to have an alcove near your dining area, we suggest considering removing walls in favor of a large, box-style bay unit. It will comprise two corner windows facing each other, framing the peripheries of the world outside. This window configuration lets you enjoy meals while enjoying outdoor views.

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