Double hung and bay windows are popular options on the market today. They’re both versatile and work with most architectural styles. If you’re planning for a new window installation soon, you should consider Renewal by Andersen® double hung and bay windows. We explain the features and benefits of these units further.

Double Hung and Bay Windows

Double Hung Windows

The double hung window is simple, easy to operate, and stylistically flexible. It works in both traditional and modern architectural styles. Old double hung windows tend to become difficult to open and close when it’s cold because the wood frames are expanding. It’s also difficult to clean because of the overlap between window sashes.

With Renewal by Andersen double hung windows, you don’t have to worry about these issues. Our Fibrex® frames keep their shape even when exposed to extreme temperatures. You can easily tilt both sashes from its frame, which allows you clean them from the inside.

Bay Windows

You can easily recognize bay windows because they project from the walls. Bay windows have three units, with two smaller ones flanking a large middle unit, forming a trapezoidal bay. You can choose just about any window style for the side windows, like double hung or casement.

The main benefit derived from bay windows is its significant boost in curb appeal. It makes your room look bigger without taking up additional floor area. You can even open the side windows to create effective ventilation. The increased glass area lets more natural light in and allows a panoramic view of the outside. You can also use bay windows as additional seating, storage, or a display case.

The Renewal by Andersen Difference

Renewal by Andersen offers a wide range of window customization options, including hardware and frame finishes. Another thing that sets our replacement windows apart is their exceptional energy efficiency. The Fibrex material window frames are a composite made from wood fibers and polymer. This combines the strength and stability of wood and the low-maintenance benefit of vinyl. Fibrex frames also have excellent insulating properties.

Our dual-panel High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass has special coatings that block harmful UV rays and solar heat while allowing natural light pass through just like clear glass. Together with Fibrex, our windows help maintain a stable indoor temperature, reduce cooling and heating requirements, and minimize energy consumption.

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