Having a patio at home gives you the chance to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. To create an effective transition between your home’s interior and your patio, it is only right to go for the best patio door.


In this article, Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York shares some tips for choosing the best patio door for your home.

Consider Material

We provide hinged French doors in Pittsford, NY that come with solid frames built to last for a long time. You can have experts fix scratches and similar damages on it fast.

Consider Maintenance

We offer vinyl patio doors that require little upkeep. They come with track rollers that offer ease of use, keeping you from spending too much on maintenance costs.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Our patio doors can help increase the comfort levels in your home. They come with insulated glass that can reduce heat buildup and keep you from relying too much on your HVAC units, leading to more savings. Since our patio doors are airtight, you can expect them to contribute to your home’s coziness even further.

Consider Security

Our patio doors will give you peace of mind. Our doors feature quality hardware that can enhance your home’s safety, ensuring your household some much-needed security.

Consider Beauty

We will get your home’s custom measurements to make sure a patio door that will fit right in. You can choose from an array of design options like color, finish, and hardware to match your home’s style.

Consider Space around Your Door

Our sliding glass doors in Rochester, NY can expand space both in and out of your interior. You can use this added space to put furniture and fixtures that will liven up your home. This is great if you are looking to free up that little bit of extra space.

You can be sure that choosing the right patio door will be a breeze with help from Renewal by Andersen of Western New York. Feel free to call us today at (585) 481-8006 for a free estimate.