Black framed windows are sleek architectural features when used right. The blackness of the frames underscores the outlines of your windows and brings a sense of drama to your room. If you have high ceilings with large windows, the black effectively emphasizes height. Dark-stained windows arrest the eye and highlight the scenic views outdoors.

Black Windows

Black framed provide many design advantage, but choosing this color needs to be considered in the context of your entire room. If you want to get your desired effect, you have to pay attention to the palette of your walls, flooring, ceiling, and other fixtures.

Since hue harmony always matters in interior design, here are some tips on making your black casement and double hung windows in Buffalo, NY, by Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York:

Use a Light or Neutral Background Color

The extreme contrast of black windows and white walls energizes your space. This color combination creates an eye-popping, bold environment that can make your room livelier. That said, this wouldn’t work in all rooms. If you want a mellow mood in your space, go with softer tones instead for a more soothing feel.

Match Them with Black Trimwork

Pairing black bow and bay windows in Buffalo, NY, with dark trim gives your interior design a graphic look. Apart from making your structural features more interesting, the fusion of dark window frames and trim never fails to make a statement. If the colors of your other interior design elements contrast beautifully with your black windows and trimwork, it would create an air of elegance and sophistication to your room.

Paint the Ceiling Black Too

To complement the monochrome color of your windows and trim, a black ceiling unifies everything. Besides, covering your walls and floors with black can be overwhelming. In our decades of experience in window installation in Buffalo, NY, we know that you should only use black in moderation. If you really must color a dominant area in your room black, choose your ceiling.

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