Net Zero housing, or “Zero Energy Ready Homes,” is a program started by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2008. The program aims to create highly energy-efficient homes that can help households offset their yearly energy consumption through a renewable energy system.

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Going Net Zero entails many benefits, including lower utility costs and a cozier home. In this post, the leading distributor of energy-efficient doors and windows in Rochester, NY discusses the top four reasons you should go Net Zero now.

#1. Availability

Going Net Zero is not such a long shot, since the technology and resources necessary for your transition are all at your disposal. Today, there are many available integrated home energy efficiency and renewable solutions that make it easy for homeowners like you to achieve Net Zero energy performance. In addition, the availability of architects and green building experts make it easier for you to find the solutions that work best for your home.

#2. Adaptability

Net Zero is achievable in all market segments, including affordable housing. Gone are the days when Net Zero was feasible only for those at the very high end of the residential real estate market. Today, sustainability is more attainable for everyone as Net Zero extends beyond luxury housing and taps into housing for the “99 percent.”

#3. Aesthetic Versatility

Green living is achievable, regardless of your home design. Unlike many high profile LEED-certified or sustainable homes that feature a contemporary aesthetic, you can apply the Net Zero approach to any home style. You can integrate this approach to a cottage-type nest or a Victorian home and get the same results, given that you use the right products and materials. For your next window replacement in Rochester, NY, for instance, ask Renewal by Andersen® of Western New York to install products that can help your Net Zero goals while preserving the architecture of your home.

#4. Sustainability

Our growing environmental challenges call for bold solutions. By going Net Zero, you are helping build a better future for Mother Earth and for generations to come. Net Zero homes are active models of triple bottom line leadership that encompass less environmental impacts, an improved quality of life for community members, and growth for responsible businesses.

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