Through window replacement, maintaining your home’s comfort and efficiency is effortless. Investing in new windows ensures a tighter seal that keeps cold and moisture away, while also effectively trapping costly energy inside your home. All you have to do is to choose windows that feature the white and blue ENERGY STAR logo.


ENERGY STAR is a voluntary program established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1992. This identifies and promotes energy-efficient products and buildings to lower energy usage, improve energy security, and reduce pollution. When you see the ENERGY STAR logo on a product, including replacement windows and sliding glass doors in Rochester, NY, you’re sure that it has met the highest energy efficiency standards.

To earn the ENERGY STAR label, products must be third party certified via testing in EPA-recognized laboratories. ENERGY STAR products will also be subject to verification testing each year. This ensures that changes or variations in the manufacturing process do not affect the products’ qualification with ENERGY STAR requirements.

Andersen and ENERGY STAR Partnership

There’s no stronger supporter of ENERGY STAR and energy efficiency than our parent company, Andersen Corporation. Through a solid partnership of more than two decades, they have provided many homeowners with products, including hinged French doors in Pittsford, NY that save energy while contributing to environmental protection.

“One of the most important things ENERGY STAR has brought to the market is a sense of awareness for the importance of energy efficiency,” states Jay Lund, President, and CEO of Andersen Corporation. “When they’re buying a product, if it carries the ENERGY STAR brand, they know that it’s a product that’s going to meet today’s energy standards and also be a reputable product in the marketplace.”

Andersen Corporation and Renewal by Andersen® of Western NY shares many goals with ENERGY STAR, and with homeowners who look for and choose ENERGY STAR certified products. Andersen was actually the First ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year in the window category.

“Ultimately, we’re all going to aspire to get to net zero energy homes. We can’t do that unless we produce windows that are dramatically more energy-efficient,” says Lund. “ENERGY STAR is going to drive us there over time.”

When looking for replacement windows and doors to maximize your home’s energy efficiency, look no further than Renewal by Andersen® of Western NY and our ENERGY STAR-certified products. Call us today at (585) 481-8006 for a free consultation.