Every part of your home plays a role, big or small, in your overall energy efficiency. Your windows are no exception. That’s why it’s important to understand the many different types, styles, glazing and framing materials before taking on a window installation project. While styles vary greatly between different windows, their performance depends primarily on their location. An energy-efficient window made for the Alaskan tundra would be a poor choice for the tropics of Hawaii and vice versa.

New York has a humid subtropical climate, with cold winters and hot, humid summers. Here are the best window options for New York.

Coastal Climates

For coastal homes, you’ll want to base your style choices on the type of architecture your home has. For example, modern homes may want to go with casement or picture windows while traditional homes could always choose classic double-hung windows. Weather in coastal areas can be rough so your windows must reflect this. Consider putting up grilles and impact-resistant shutters. Don’t forget to get warranty coverage for both parts and glazing as well.

Wet Areas

Wet climates get plenty of precipitation, but like coastal climates can also get substantially cooler during some parts of the year. You want to choose windows with U-factors 0.30 or lower to really maximize heating during the colder seasons. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) ratings of 0.30 or above can also help your home maintain optimum efficiency no matter the weather.

Cold Conditions

Homes in cold climates always prioritize keeping their heat indoors. The U-factor and SHGC ratings play a bigger role in keeping your home warm. Ask your window professional about numbers that can balance the highs and lows of New York seasons.

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