Like almost every major part of your home, your double-pane windows are susceptible to various types of damage, including discoloration. Naturally, once this happens, you’ll need to either repair or replace said window so it’s important that you know what causes this problem.

The Cause of Discoloration

When it comes to window discoloration, there’s really only one cause: moisture. Should your home have high relative humidity inside, it’ll produce enough moisture or water vapor that can attach itself to your windows and cause discoloration. However, discoloration isn’t the only problem that you have to look out for when your home has too much moisture. Wood rotting and mold growth are also possible problems that indoor moisture can bring. With that in mind, window replacement experts recommend that you stay alert and on the lookout for these types of moisture damage.

Repair or Replace?

When window discoloration occurs, homeowners often struggle with the problem of whether or not they should simply repair their windows or replace them entirely. While it is possible to simply repair it by replacing the discolored glass pane, experts often recommend replacing the window altogether as a safer and cost-effective alternative. Replacing your window means you don’t have to risk any further damage, and it will also allow you to install a window lined with discoloration-resistant film to completely prevent any moisture problems in the future.

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