Small alterations can make a big impact on aesthetics, and this fact is especially true in window customization. After picking out your preferred style and size for your replacement units, consider further enhancing them with a lovely trim color. Check out some of these handy tips:

1. Blend or contrast as necessary. Do you want a trim color that blends beautifully with your interior’s current color palette, or should you switch things up a little with a contrasting hue? Once you’ve decided which way to go, picking out a suitable color for your window trim should be a breeze.
2. Choose a trim the same shade as your interior walls. Seamlessly blending the color of your window trim with your wall color can provide a modern look and soothing feel to the room. With trims in the same hue as your interior, artwork or the room’s other more colorful elements can provide the “pop” needed to make the room unique.
3. Play it safe with different shades of white. White trim offers a classic but still highly effective way to set off the look of your home’s interior. In fact, when used wisely, white can make everything look better. White window trim, for instance, can give the room the impression of being clean and neat when used with softer wall colors. Bolder colors, on the other hand, can benefit from white trim because it accentuates the vibrant elements in the room while providing visual relief.
Just make sure to choose the right shade of white; depending on the hue you pick out, white can either warm or cool the look of your interior. Warm, creamy-white trim, for example, looks better with striking wall colors. Icy-white trim, on the other hand, is perfect for walls with a more muted palette.
4. The dark side. Window trims of a darker hue than the adjacent walls can provide an interesting focal point to any room. Black, an elegant and brooding color, is an exceptional choice for this. Dark trim works well when the interior walls have paler hues as it effectively highlights the lovely contrast between dark and light. Should you choose black trim for your replacement windows, make sure to pair it with off-white or cream walls for added warmth. Note, however, that black trim generally suits larger spaces better.

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